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Muzeum Południowego Podlasia

Dr. Waclaw Nartowski (1886-1969) - The first museum in Biala Podlaska 1924 by the Director of Józef Ignacy Kraszewski Upper School The Young Men's in Biala Podlaska estabilished.

Unfortunately, the first museum was not scattered survive the Second World War and its objects for the most part and lost in time of war, with the exception of some rare books from the library of the school in Biala Podlaska, where she previously held encompressed.

In the 1950s the local activitists and teachers of the schools in Biala Podlaska put a lot of effort to establish the museum in Biala Podlaska, it was already in 1955 that they discussed this issue at the conference in the Central Board of Museums. The celebrations of the Millennium of the Polish State brought a number of specific actions in the field of education and culture. One of the most important events during the festive events celebrating the Millennium in the circle Biala Podlaska was the opening of the regional museum in Biala Podlaska 26 October 1966.

In 1966, a regional museum in Biala Podlaska, 4 Pocztowa Street. In 1968 the Museum received a statue and employed the first full-time employees. The institiution position and character were defined. In 1973, the martyrology department was created, located in the basement of the administration building of the furniture factory (Bialska Fabryka Mebli), hosted wchich a prison during the occupation of the border police.

In 1975 the museum in Biala Podlaska was promoted and was given an official name of the museum district, the number of employees increased and several new departments estabilished, that is, ethnography, history, art and science required & Education Department, Education and Services for the visitors. Estabilished in 1995, this museum offers a Archeaology Department.

In 1998, the liquidation of Bialskopodlaskie province took the name of the District Museum Museum of Southern Podlasie Biala Podlaska and was registered in the National Register of Museums. The institiution the further development and improvement of the premises is expected in the near future, the following general works in accordance with the plans to revitalize the Radziwill Palace.

Having waited many years, in 1983 the museum finally moved to its headquarters in the so-called "Radziwiłł Park" at 12 Warszawska Street. For the needs of institiution was allocated as follows: the gate together with a quadric-circular "neck" tunnel connection, the gate tower and Capel former Radziwill Palace.


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